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ProStretch Pro Stick Massage Roller
ProStretch Pro Stick Massage Roller

ProStretch Pro Stick Massage Roller

Item Number: PSAD-S02100
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  • Description

ProStretch Pro Stick Massage Roller

The Pro Stick Massage Roller (Type P) is designed with a set of four roller gears that are intended to provide a deep massage to sore muscles. The stick has two blue and white gears that feature Skin Surface Technology (SST). The Skin Surface Technology (SST) provides a softer and more gentle massage. The SST surface and ridged gear design connects directly to the muscle fascia to remove knots and roll out muscles.

The Grey and White gears located on the stick feature the medium version of Skin Surface Technology. This allows for a smooth roll but with a harder massage. The ridged design connects directly with the fascia to provide pain relief to sore muscles.

Great for use on hard to reach areas like the achilles, shins, shoulders and forearms!

Pro Stick Roller Features:

  • The Pro Stick features four unique rollers that massage deep into the muscles
  • Use the Pro Stick to massage hard-to-reach areas like the achilles, shins, shoulders and forearms
  • Skin Surface Technology connects to fascia and helps break down scar tissue
  • Measures at 21" inches long
  • Steel core
  • Thermal hand grips for better control of the stick

MPN: S02100

UPC: 038016021009