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ProStretch Addaday Type A2 Stick Massage Roller

ProStretch Addaday Type A2 Stick Massage Roller

ProStretch Addaday Type A2 Stick Massage Roller

The Type A2 Massager is intended to provide a deep therapy massage to sore or knotted muscles. The stick features five gears that allow two different massage options. Four of the gears (solid blue and solid white) are designed for a hard massage that connects deep with fascia and improves blood circulation in the area. One of the gears (blue and white) features Skin Surface Technology which provides a more gentle and smooth massage. Skin Surface Technology also connects deep with fascia and cross fiber material helps to break down scar tissue.

This roller is perfect for runners, bikers, triathletes, or any athlete in general. When used before and after high endurance workouts, the roller aides in faster healing times as it improves blood flow and circulation. This helps to prevent muscles from getting sore and weak.

The roller measures at 22.5" long. The thermoplastic grips allow the user better control of the stick. It is lightweight which makes transporting it easy!

A2 Stick Massage Roller Features:

  • Four grips provide a hard feeling message and one with Skin Soft Technology provides a smoother massage
  • Intended for use before and after physical exercise to keep the muscles from getting sore or weak
  • Measures at 22.5in long
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport

MPN: S02103

UPC: 038016021030