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ProStretch Type C Stick Massage Roller
ProStretch Type C Stick Massage Roller

ProStretch Type C Stick Massage Roller

Item Number: PSAD-S02105
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  • Description

ProStretch Type C Stick Massage Roller

The Type C Stick Massage Roller is designed with a set of three roller gears that are intended to provide a deep massage to sore muscles. The gears are designed with Skin Surface Technology (SST) that provides a more soft and gentle massage. The SST surface and ridged gear design connects directly to the muscle fascia to remove knots and roll out muscles.

The small red gear located on the stick allows the user to massage muscles that are typically hard to access. It is smaller than the other three gears making it easier to get into nooks and crannies. Great for use on the achilles, shin, shoulders and arms.

Type C Stick Roller Features:

  • The C Stick features three unique gear rollers that massage deep into the muscles
  • Use the small red gear to massage hard-to-reach areas like the achilles, shins, shoulders and forearms
  • Skin Surface Technology connects to fascia and helps break down scar tissue
  • Measures at 17.75" inches long
  • Easy to take on-the-go
  • Great for warming up and for use during cool down

MPN: S02105

UPC: 038016021054