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Red Hot by Cramer

Cramer's Red Hot is the result of decades of product development and testing. Cramer made its first batch of liniment nearly a century ago, and has been building on that experience to produce an amazing line of topical pain-relief products. Red Hot is the strongest of Cramer's line of topical analgesics, and comes in a variety of sizes for everything from personal use all the way to trainer's tables. This maximum-warmth, penetrating formula features Oleoresin Capsicum as the active ingredient. With a long-lasting petrolatum base, this ointment is excellent for dealing with minor sprains and strains, relaxing tight muscles, and warming-up prior to workouts. As with all topical analgesics, be sure to read warnings and instructions for safe and proper use. If you like this product you may also like China Gel 4 Oz.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Allentown, PA asked:
May 25, 2021

What products do you have that have at least 15% menthol in the cream/gel/lotion? I find that a higher percentage of menhol really gives me the most relief. I do use the Flexall which has 16% menthoil. 

I was wondering if you have any other products with a high percentage of menthol?? Thank you for your time & help! Mare

One product line that has a high percent is the Toast brand especially the Freezin cold which has Contains 31% Methyl Salicylate as well as 11% Menthol.  You can find the products here https://www.ithacasports.com/toast-all-products.html.

Submitted by: May 25, 2021