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Rock Sauce Topical Pain Releiver - 8oz Bottle

Rock Sauce Topical Pain Releiver - 8oz Bottle

Rock Sauce - 8oz Bottle

By the makers of Rock Tape™, this innovative product combines a state-of-the-art topical analgesic with skin cleaner. Used alone, this amazing formula helps relieve pain caused by sore muscles, pulls, and strains. However, the unique formula also serves to prepare skin prior to the application of kinesiology tape. Great for use by athletes prior to competition, you get all the benefits of both the Rock Sauce and your taping method!

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer

Rock Sauce Features:

  • Active Ingredients: 20% Methyl Salicae / 10% Menthol / .002% Capsicum.
  • Prepares skin prior to taping.
  • Contains no animal byproducts.
  • Nanosac technology penetrates tape and skin to deliver long lasting relief.

Directions: Following these will clean the skin prior to tape application and keep the muscles warm for 1-2 hours.

  1. Apply to skin of sore or injured area.
  2. Wipe off completely.
  3. Apply tape.
  4. Apply dime-size dollops of sauce every 3 inches on top of tape. Rub into tape and surrounding skin.

Warnings: Be sure to follow all manufacturer's instructions. For external use only. Do not apply to broken, cracked, or damaged skin.


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