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RPI'S The Stick Rollers & Massagers

RPI'S The Stick Rollers & MassagersRPI and Intercell technology are best known as being the manufacturer of "The Stick", a series of massage rollers. For over 30 years, they have refined their models and now cater to athletes ranging from the casual to the professional. They make eleven different types of massage sticks, each one with specific qualities and tolerances to meet the needs of the individual user. While all of the Sticks have a flexible core that lets you control the amount of pressure, but each one differs in length, stiffness, and number of individual rollers on each. Regardless of your sport or need, RPI is confident that there is a Stick for you. They are also the makers of the FootWheel™, the TriggerWheel™ and the PostureCurve™, all products designed to assist in stretching tight muscles and helping to relieve pain and soreness.