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Saving A Knocked Out Tooth

Save A Knocked Out tooth for 24 hours:

 We have had many calls from frantic parents wanting to know how to save their childs tooth that just got knocked out in a soccer game. The dentist will not be in until Monday! Our first choice for saving a tooth is the EMT Tooth Saver (but more about that later).

If the injured party is old enough and does not have any kind of head injury (ie. Concussion) you can keep the tooth inside the mouth for the short ride to the dentist's office.

If the wait will be longer than that, you can keep the knocked out tooth in whole milk. Water will not keep the tooth viable for re-implantation nor will skim or 2% milk. The whole milk will work for a short period of time.

We suggest having the EMT Tooth Saver available. This product is great to keep around the house or in a sports medicine kit.

Hope you never have to use it!

The information above is the sole opinion of the author and does not represent any legal, medical, or professional advice. Consult your doctor (or dentist if needed.)

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