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Shoulder Braces and Supports

Shoulder Braces and Supports

IthacaSports has a number of shoulder braces made by leading manufacturers such as McDavid, Shock Doctor, Thermoskin, Kinetic Innovations, and more. We carry a range of braces that help to heal and relieve pain associated with rotator cuff injuries, muscle tears, strains and sprains. Whether you are looking for simple compression, or a dedicated brace to help limit range-of-motion and promote healing, we have products to fit your need.

Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$70.99
Sale Price:$64.99
Kinetic Innovations KDL Shoulder Stabilizer (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$189.99
Sale Price:$165.99
Kinetic Innovations KDLX Shoulder Stabilizer (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$209.99
Sale Price:$179.99
McDavid 462 Shoulder Support (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$74.99
Sale Price:$63.74
McDavid 463 Lightweight Shoulder Wrap (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$39.99
Sale Price:$33.99
McDavid 5126 4-Way Elastic Shoulder Wrap (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$69.99
Sale Price:$59.49
Acromioclavicular AC Splint (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$55.99
Sale Price:$46.99
IMPACT AC Acromioclavicular Pad Standard (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$155.25
Sale Price:$116.95
IMPACT Clavicle (collarbone) Pad (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$155.25
Sale Price:$121.95
IMPACT Deltoid Pad (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$94.95
Sale Price:$70.95
Deluxe Clavicle Brace (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$54.00
Sale Price:$35.00
Thermoskin Double Shoulder Brace LG-5XL (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$99.90
Sale Price:$69.90
Thermoskin Single Sports Shoulder Brace (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$79.95
Sale Price:$59.95
Thermoskin Single Shoulder Brace (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$89.95
Sale Price:$69.90
McDavid 6206 Kinesiology Tech - Pre–Engineered Kit - Shoulder - Back (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$16.99
Sale Price:$14.49
STRENGTHTAPE Shoulder Kinesiology Tape Kit (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$10.95
Sale Price:$8.95
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