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Shock Doctor Gravity 2 STC Mouth Guard - Youth With Strap - Clearance

Shock Doctor Gravity 2 STC Mouth Guard - Youth With Strap - ClearanceThe Shock Doctor Gravity 2 STC Mouth Guard offers superior fit and comfort while providing protection against dental damage.

Low profile fit for lower teeth and designed specifically for helmeted sports where a face mask is used


  • Patented outer Gel-Fit Liner that custom molds to teeth for a snug fit with a internal shock absorbing core.
  • STC stands for Shock Transfer Core which is how this particular mouth guard is designed to direct impact away from initial point contact.
  • Unrestricted breathing and speaking because this guard covers only the lower teeth.
  • MORA Performance Enhancement feature aligns the lower jaw down and forward which has been indicated to increase strength and performance.
  • Meets NFHS (National Federation of High School Associations) mouthguard rules.
  • Available in Strapped or Strapless model