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Shock Doctor Nano Double Mouthguard Carbon

Shock Doctor Nano Double Mouthguard CarbonNANO Double has ALL the features of the Gel Nano in a mouthguard that covers both the upper and lower teeth.

A Dual Arch, low-profile mouthguard for upper/lower dental protection with enhanced fit and comfort. The Double Monocoque Shock Frame, integrated Tri-Bite and Gel-Fit eliminate the need for large, mouth-expanding and tiring effect of traditional Dual Arch mouthguards. Incredible stability and full-wall upper/lower coverage provides an important barrier against jaw uppercuts and side impacts,helping to protect the teeth.

More features of The NANO Double Mouth Guard by ShockDoctor:

  • DOUBLE MONOCOQUE SHOCK FRAME low-profile upper and lower dual arch structure absorbs and disperses impacts away from point of contact

  • TRI-BITE design feature aligns and stabilizes the upper and lower jaw through using the front incisors and rear molars as a stabilizing force with gel-filled, bite windows enhancing protection and fit

  • Shock Doctor's Patented GEL-FIT LINER custom molds to teeth for a snug and comfortable fit. A good fitting mouthguard that keeps you protected and your head in the game, not on the mouthguard!

  • MORA PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT when fitted and worn correctly, positions the lower jaw down and forward, which is inteded to increase your strength and athletic performance

  • A CONVERTIBLE TETHER with quick-release is provided with every NANO and allows the mouthguard to be used strapped or strapless