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Shock Doctor 1003 Skate Insole
Shock Doctor 1003 Skate Insole

Shock Doctor 1003 Skate Insole

Item Number: SDR-1003
Regular Price: $26.99
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  • Description

The Shock Doctor Skate Insole is designed to help hockey players and inline skaters cope with the tremendous lateral stress that skates place on their feet. The design maximizes power transfer across the the entire skate blade and helps to reduce foot and ankle fatigue. These insoles are only 5 mm thick and weigh less than 2oz, so they wlll have very little impact on the skater's proprioception on the ice. Other technology features include:

  • Adaptive arch technology that flexes vertically and horizontally with the foot
  • Full-foot shock absorbing foam provides cushion and comfort
  • Biomechanical contoured design comfortably shapes to the foot
  • Lightweight support cap balances skate power and resists lateral torque
For best fit remove your current insole and insert the Shock Doctor Cleat Insoles. If trimming is needed, use the old insoles as a guide to fit the new insoles. A break-in period of up to 7 days may be required for the insole to fully adapt to your foot shape.

Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent, and then air dry.

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