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Spenco PolySorb Flow Warm Insoles - Clearance
Spenco PolySorb Flow Warm Insoles -  Clearance

Spenco PolySorb Flow Warm Insoles - Clearance

Item Number: SPE-37-789
Regular Price: $42.99
(Save 47%)
Women's 3-4Women's 5-6Women's 7-8 Men's 6-7Womens 9-10 Men's 8-9Women's 11-12 Men's 10-11Men's 12-13Men's 14-15
  • Description

The Spenco PolySorb Flow Performance Insole with Warming Technology incorporates Spenco's performance insoles with technology to help retain body heat. Walkers, runners, joggers, and anybody who is on their feet all day will appreciate the comfort and support of Spenco insoles because of their increased shock absorption and heel strike protection. Additionally, the heel pad helps to increase energy return and improve athletic performance. These insoles can be used in all types of athletic and casual shoes including work boots. Additional features include:

  • Reflective thermal barrier layer of foil retains natural body heat
  • Outlast-treated Top Cloth helps store and release heat at the right level
  • AEGIS Antimicrobial treatment helps reduce odor
  • Concave heel pad and air channel technology circulates air flow for optimum warmth
  • Spenco EVA Contour provides cushioning, support, and heat insulation

Fitting: Remove the original insole from the shoe and use the original insole to trace and trim the Insole to the correct size.

Care: Hand wash in warm water. Air dry.