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Original Body Stick Massage Roller

Original Body Stick Massage RollerThe Original Body Stick (MEDIUM/STANDARD) is the most popular Stick for the average body build.

It is a medium length Stick (along with the Stiff Stick and the Hybrid Stick), which are designed for all-over body use and can be used on all muscle groups. The medium length sticks can be used on yourself or on another. These sticks are for individuals under 510 or for taller individuals who are very flexible. The Original Body Stick also has standard flexibility (along with the Power Stick and the Travel Stick), which means that it is in between the flexible and the firm. Standard flexibility Sticks are typically preferred by individuals with average build, moderately increased body mass, or muscular individuals who prefer lighter pressure.

The Original Body Stick is 24 inches long, weighs 14 oz. and has 16 spindles.

All Sticks come with a 90 day warranty against breakage or manufacturing defects.