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Torex Cold Therapy Shoulder Harness and Gel Pack

Torex Cold Therapy Shoulder Harness and Gel Pack

Torex Shoulder Cold Pack (Single)

Torex Shoulder Cold Pack allows comfortable cold therapy to both the left and right shoulder. The patient can apply the pack with one hand thanks to the U harness that is included with the pack (also allows the pack to stay in place while you go about your day).


  • One size fits all (both right and left).
  • Made of a comfortable polyurethane that is nontoxic and latex free. Its multi-chambered pockets keeps the gel in place so all areas of the shoulder are covered. It does not freeze solid so is very comfortable.
  • It is suggested the product is put in the freezer for 2+ hours prior to use then slightly need the gel packs to soften.
  • The manufacturer suggests that one wear a tshirt under the cold pack.
  • If you have a large shoulder or are just post operative, it is suggested you take the U harness off of the pack prior to use.


UPC: 728795576288.