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Markwort Total Control Hole Ball 80
Markwort Total Control Hole Ball 80

Markwort Total Control Hole Ball 80

Item Number: TCB-YH80
Regular Price: $79.99
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  • Description

Markwort Total Control Hole Ball 80

The Total Control Hole Ball is a perforated ball that is intended to improve both hitting and pitching skills. Holes in the ball allow air to travel through it so that you may throw and hit the ball further and more accurately. The Hole Ball can be used by fast pitch softball or baseball players. The Total Control Hole Ball is especially useful for front toss drills. The ball weighs 80 grams with a 3.2" diameter. Intended to improve strength and hitting advancement. The Total Control Hole ball has the same flight trajectory as normal plastic balls but throws and hits much better. May be used with any style bat!

Total Control Hole Ball Features:

  • Weighs 80 grams
  • 3.2" diameter
  • Available in 12, 24 or 48 packs
  • Perforated style ball
  • Intended to improve hitting and pitching skills
  • Provides immediate feedback to the player
  • Safe for all bats

Not for use in pitching machines

MPN: 12 Pack:TCBYH80-12 ; 24 Pack:TCBYH80-24 ; 48 Pack:TCBYH80-48

UPC: 12 Pack:811499020116 ; 24 Pack:811499020123 ; 48 Pack:811499020147