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3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace
3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace
3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace
3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace
3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace

3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace

Item Number: 3PP-2014
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  • Description

3PP CMCcare Thumb Brace

The CMCcare Thumb Brace is intended to stabilize the thumb and relieve pain associated with Swan Neck Deformities of the thumb. The brace is designed to allow the user full mobility while offering corrective support and proper alignment. The Thumb Brace is designed with a smooth thermoplastic polyurethane material this is comfortable, waterproof and stain proof. May be adjusted to better conform to the hand by simply squeezing the brace after it is applied to the hand. The CMCcare Thumb Brace will not cover the hands web space allowing the user further mobility and reduced pressure in the hand. Machine washable and latex free.

Now includes a 3pp Cozy Liner which provides an extra layer of cushioning for additional comfort.

Thumb Brace Features:

  • Intended to reduce pain associated with Swan Deformities and improve thumb alignment
  • Provides support and stability without hindering the users hand mobility
  • Designed with thermoplastic polyurethane that features smooth edges and a soft feel
  • Waterproof
  • Latex-Free
  • Includes two closures tabs and a replacement strap
  • Includes replacement strap, extra closure tab and a 3pp Cozy Liner

Sizing Chart 1: Measure the length from your web space to your wrist crease (see instructional chart above or HERE.) to determine the correct size:

SM 2'' - 2.5''
MD 2.5'' - 3''
LG 3'' - 3.5''

If your measurement falls between two sizes, the manufacturer recommends schooosing the smaller size if hand are thin and the muscles are soft or flattened, while the larger size should be selected if the hands are fuller and the thumb muscles are large and firm.

MPN: Left SM: P2014-L2 ; Left MD: P2014-L3 ; Left LG: P2014-L4 ; Right SM: P2014-R3 ; Right MD: P2014-R4 ; Right LG: P2014-R2

UPC: Left SM: 871211225649 ; Left MD: 871211225652 ; Left LG: 871211225669 ; Right SM: 871211225655 ; Right MD: 871211225654 ; Right LG: 871211225670