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BattleSkin Antimicrobial Mat Tape
BattleSkin Antimicrobial Mat Tape

BattleSkin Antimicrobial Mat Tape

Item Number: BS-TAPE
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  • Description

Antimicrobial Mat Tape

BattleSkin Mat Tape is intended for use on athletic mats that are used in wrestling, gymnastics, martial arts and more. Great for use on both practice and competition mats.

The Mat tape is designed with a clear PVC material (synthetic rubber adhesive) that has a flat and polished surface. Durable, re-useable and strong enough to hold any two mats together. As is standard, BattleSkin Mat Tape is 8mil thick.

This mat tape is designed with BattleSkins patented mixture of FDA approved drugs that treat and prevent fungal, bacterial and viral infections. When used, this mat tape will help to protect both athletes and coaches from bacteria, fungi and viruses that can be transmitted during practices and game play.

BattleSkin Mat Tape is made from non-toxic material that will not irritate skin or cause rashes and breakouts. Available in 3in or 4in wide rolls.

Antimicrobial Mat Features:

  • Intended to treat and prevent bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens that form on athletic mats
  • Great for use on wrestling, gymnastic and martial arts mats
  • Strong and durable enough to hold mats together
  • Re-usable
  • 8mil thick
  • Will not leave adhesive residue on mats
  • Available in 3in or 4in rolls

MPN: 3in: 602318718211 ; 4in: 602318718228

UPC: 3in: 3inch Tape ; 4in:4inch Tape