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DonJoy Bionic Pod Ankle Brace
DonJoy Bionic Pod Ankle Brace

DonJoy Bionic Pod Ankle Brace

Item Number: DJO-DP151AB05
Regular Price: $80.99
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  • Description

DonJoy Pod Ankle Brace

The Pod Ankle Brace is intended to prevent athletes from rolling or injuring the ankle during games and practices. When worn, the ankle brace will not limit the user's range of motion. This means that athletes can stay active, and in the game! Eliminates the need for athletic tapes and wraps; the brace is intended to mimic popular taping techniques. The pod ankle brace is designed with an ultra-light TPU shell that will conform and adapt to the contours of each individual users foot. No laces, stays or straps!

Pod Ankle Brace Features:

  • Created with an inner EVA control that grips the foot and ankle for comfort and added support
  • Thin and lightweight
  • The thin design makes the brace comfortable to wear in shoes
  • Designed without any bulky add-ons like laces and straps

Sizing Chart: Determine the correct size according to SHOE SIZE:

Size Shoe Size
XS Men's 4.5 - 7.5 / Women's 6.5 - 8.5
SM Men's 6.5 - 9.5 / Women's 7.5-10.5
MD Men's 9 - 12.5 / Women's 10 and Up
LG Men's 12.5 - 15

The Pod Ankle Brace is available in left or right orientation. It is suggested that long sports socks be worn with the brace for comfort and support.

MPN: Black Left XS: DP151AB05-BLK-XS-L ; Black Left SM: DP151AB05-BLK-S-L ; Black Left MD: DP151AB05-BLK-M-L ; Black Left LG: DP151AB05-BLK-L-L ; White Left XS: DP151AB05-WHT-XS-L ; White Left SM: DP151AB05-WHT-S-L ; White Left MD: DP151AB05-WHT-M-L ; White Left LG: DP151AB05-WHT-L-L ; Black Right XS: DP151AB05-BLK-XS-R ; Black Right SM: DP151AB05-BLK-S-R ; Black Right MD: DP151AB05-BLK-M-R ; Black Right LG: DP151AB05-BLK-L-R ; White Right XS: DP151AB05-WHT-XS-R ; White Right SM: DP151AB05-WHT-S-R ; White Right MD: DP151AB05-WHT-M-R ; White Right LG: DP151AB05-WHT-L-R

UPC: Black Left XS: 888912162548 ; Black Left SM: 888912162524 ; Black Left MD: 888912162500 ; Black Left LG: 888912162487 ; White Left XS: 888912162623 ; White Left SM: 888912162609 ; White Left MD: 888912162586 ; White Left LG: 888912162562 ; Black Right XS: 888912162555 ; Black Right SM: 888912162531 ; Black Right MD: 888912162517 ; Black Right LG: 888912162494 ; White Right XS: 888912162630 ; White Right SM: 888912162616 ; White Right MD: 888912162593 ; White Right LG: 888912162579