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Dynatomy Constant Force X-Tend
Dynatomy Constant Force X-Tend

Dynatomy Constant Force X-Tend

Item Number: DYN-CFXT
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  • Description

Dynatomy Constant Force X-Tend

The Constant Force X-Tend by Dynatomy is ideal for anyone who would like to strengthen their hands, fingers and wrists. Great for athletes, musicians, or anyone who repeatedly uses the hands and wrists to perform repetitive tasks. Designed with an elastic strap that wraps around the middle of the hand to stabilize the apparatus. Another thinner elastic strap wraps around the middle of the finger joints for further stabilization. When used regularly, the Constant Force X-Tend is intended to improve hand/finger/wrist health, range of motion, hand stamina and circulation. The unique shape of the X-Tend allows the user to comfortably hold the apparatus without discomfort. Small and light, the Dynatomy Constant Force X-Tend can be taken anywhere on-the-go!

Constant Force X-Tend Features:

  • Intended to improve all around hand, finger and wrist health
  • Increases dexterity, strength, range of motion and more
  • Elastic straps help to stabilize the X-Tend while in use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Designed to be easy to hold
  • Each finger may be worked out separately from the other fingers

MPN: Light: CFXT-L ; Medium: CFXT-M ; Heavy: CFXT-H

UPC: Light: 019954289829 ; Medium: 019954289836 ; Heavy: 019954295578