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Elasto-Gel Sterile Wound Dressings
Elasto-Gel Sterile Wound Dressings

Elasto-Gel Sterile Wound Dressings

Item Number: EG-DRESSING
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  • Description

Elasto-Gel Wound Dressings

The Elasto-Gel Wound Dressings are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The wound dressings are highly absorbent as well as bacteriostatic (reduces the likely hood of bacteria reproducing). Elasto-Gel wound dressings are intended to stay moist and will not stick to lacerations. The wound dressings may be used to replace hydrocolloids, hydrogels and membrane dressings. The Wound Dressings are easy to apply and very comfortable to wear.

Wound Dressing Features:

  • Available in seven sizes
  • 5 dressing per box.
  • The wound dressing will not dry out
  • Intended to protect wounds
  • Moderate adhesive
  • Absorbs exudate

Not intended to replace alginates when quick absorption is indicated.

MPN: 2in x 3in:DR8200 ; 3in Circle:DR3000 ; 4in x 4in:DR8000 ; 4in x 4in Thin:DR44116 ; 5in x 5in:DR8500 ; 6in x 8in:DR8600 ; 6in x 8in Thin:DR68116 ; 8in x 16in:DR8800 ; 8in x 16in Thin:DR81605 ; 12in x 12in:DR8700 ; 12in x 12in Thin:DR1205

UPC: 2in x 3in:745713082003 ; 3in Circle:745713530009 ; 4in x 4in:745713580004 ; 4in x 4in Thin:745713580028 ; 5in x 5in:745713585009 ; 6in x 8in:745713586006 ; 6in x 8in Thin:745713586020 ; 8in x 16in:745713588000 ; 8in x 16in Thin:745713588024 ; 12in x 12in:745713587003 ; 12in x 12in Thin:745713587027