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Elasto-Gel Foot / Ankle / Heel Protector Boot (Single)
Elasto-Gel Foot / Ankle / Heel Protector Boot (Single)

Elasto-Gel Foot / Ankle / Heel Protector Boot (Single)

Item Number: EG-HL
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  • Description

Elasto-Gel Foot Protectors

The Elasto-Gel Foot and Ankle protector is intended to protect the bones in the feet and ankles. Designed with a patented gel and closed cell foam, the Foot and Ankle Protector alleviates pressure and protects the foot/ankle. The protector has an adjustable gel insert that can be moved within the boot to suite the users unique needs. The gel insert may be put in the freezer for cold therapy or in the microwave for warm therapy. When chilled or heated, the Elasto-Gel Foot Protector may help reduce swelling and provide pain relief. The Foot Protector is available in two options. The first option includes a non-skid outer cover that is intended for patients who are on their feet often. The second available option does not include the non-skid cover but has a smooth outer cover that is great for non-walking patients. Extra slip covers are available separately!

Foot Protector Features:

  • Intended to provide protection and security to the foot and ankle bones
  • The boot has a removable gel pack that can be heated or chilled for warm or cool therapy benefits
  • The gel insert can be adjusted inside the boot to suite the users individual needs
  • Available with the non-skid slip cover (for patients who are mobile) or with a smooth cover that is great for bed ridden patients
  • For the ambulatory patient we recommend the HL406 or HL407 which provides a non-skid bottom
  • For the non-ambulatory patient we recommend the HL408 or HL409 which provides a smooth outer covering

MPN: SM-MD Non-Slip:HL-406 ; LG-XL Non-Slip:HL-407 ; SM-MD Slip:HL-408 ; LG-XL Slip:HL-409

UPC: SM-MD Non-Slip:745713004067 ; LG-XL Non-Slip:745713004074 ; SM-MD Slip:745713004081 ; LG-XL Slip:745713004098