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Iliotibial Band Braces (IT Band) (Free Shipping)

Iliotibial Band Braces (IT Band) (Free Shipping)

An injury to the IT Band (or IT Band Syndrom), while usually minor initially, is not one that can be ignored. With time, it can actually progress into a chronic injury. Overuse of the IT Band (running too many miles, training too hard or too often) can result in inflammation and pain. This is particularly true in athletes, who rarely want to interrupt their training in order to recover. Even if you are resting the ITB, you may still experience pain and discomfort from everyday activities. IthacaSports has several IT Band products that are intended to help reduce that pain, and make everyday activities a little bit easier while you recover.

Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Strap ( IT Band) Compression Wrap ( Free Shipping )
Regular Price:$23.95
Sale Price:$19.95
Cho-Pat Iliotibial Band (ITB) Strap (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$19.99
Sale Price:$15.00
Shock Doctor 945 Runners Therapy: Iliotibial Band (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$27.99
Sale Price:$23.79
McDavid 4193 Iliotibial Band Support (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$19.99
Sale Price:$16.99

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