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Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Strap ( IT Band) Compression Wrap
Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Strap ( IT Band) Compression Wrap

Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Strap ( IT Band) Compression Wrap

Item Number: PROT-ITB
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  • Description
This item is shipped FREE and is also known as an IT band Strap or Band.

Application: IT Band Compression wrap helps alleviate the condition of Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

How It Works: This IT Band Wrap provides targeted compression, stabilizing the Iliotibial tract. In addition, it absorbs stress to the area and reduces friction and rubbing of the femoral condyle.

Design Theory: The IT band strap includes a compression pad which provides effective, targeted compression. It is 2" wide and is made from UBL neoprene which is Velcro compatible and very comfortable on the skin. It is adjustable and stays in place.

Sizing: the IT band strap measures circumference 3" above top of knee cap

Regular - up to 19" XL - 19"+

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Lake City, SC asked:
January 9, 2013
When the band is positioned above the knee does it take away the pain on the lower right of the knee
Without knowing specifically what the injury is, I can not answer that. We have had great success with the IT band brace in helping people who have problems of this nature. We do not get many returns on this product. Sorry we can not be any more specific than that. It is one of our more popular products.
Submitted by: January 10, 2013