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K-Tape Original Roll - 5.5 yd
K-Tape Original Roll - 5.5 yd

K-Tape Original Roll - 5.5 yd

Item Number: KTAPE-O-5M
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  • Description

K-Tape Original Roll - 5.5 yd

The Original K-Tape is intended to provide support and relief to sore muscles and help reduce post-workout soreness. K-Tape is designed with a high quality cotton and elastic blend material. The Physiobond proprietary adhesive is applied to the cotton/elastic tape in a wavelike pattern. K-Tapes tested and approved material can be worn for up to 7 days without skin irritations! This adhesive tape is great for sensitive skin. K-Tape uses cotton dyes that are certified safe for baby clothing. There is no worry about heavy metals or other toxic substances leaching into the skin. It contains no active ingredients and is latex-free. The K-Tape Original tape is available in a variety of colors to match any team uniform or everyday outfit. Water-resistant and breathable, K-Tape can be comfortably worn for days!

K-Tape Original Features:

  • Available in red, blue, beige, black or mixed color pack
  • Made with a cotton and elastic blend
  • Provides support and pain relief to sore muscles
  • Wear during physical activity to help reduce muscle soreness
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Choose from a single roll or a box of four rolls
  • Great for sensitive skin; K-Tape contains no active ingredients
  • K-Tape dyes contain no heavy metals. They are certified safe for infant clothing and harbor no risk to skin or health.
  • Latex Free
  • Note that the "Mixed" pack contains a total of four rolls (one of each original k-tape shade)
  • Each roll measures at 2in x 196in
  • 1 Color Multipacks have 4 rolls of one Color (Multipack has 1 of each)

    Do not apply the tape directly to open wounds or skin diseases

    MPN: Red Single Roll:K100111 ; Blue Single Roll:K100112 ; Beige Single Roll:K100113 ; Black ; Single Roll:K100114 ; Red Multi Pack:K100101 ; Blue Multi Pack:K100102 ; Beige Multi Pack:K100103 ; Black Multi Pack:K100104 ; Mixed Pack Multi Pack:K100145

    UPC: Red Single Roll:4260168221112 ; Blue Single Roll:4260168221129 ; Beige Single Roll:4260168221136 ; Black Single Roll:4260168221143 ; Red Multi Pack:4260168221419 ; Blue Multi Pack:4260168221426 ; Beige Multi Pack:4260168221433 ; Black Multi Pack:4260168221440 ; Mixed Pack Multi Pack:4260168221457