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Shock Doctor 1017 Active Trim-Free Insoles
Shock Doctor 1017 Active Trim-Free Insoles

Shock Doctor 1017 Active Trim-Free Insoles

Item Number: SDR-1017
Regular Price: $24.99
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Men 5.0-6.5 - Women 6.0-7.0Men 13.0-14.0 - Women 14.0-15.0
  • Description

Shock Doctor Active Trim-Free

The Shock Doctor Trim-Free has been specifically designed ot be used for added support on top on an existing insole. It offers many of the same benefits as a full-length insole, but is easier to fit into shoes with little extra toe room. The three-quarter length shock-absorbing foam offers both comfort and support, and helps to reduce fatigue and stress so you can play at peak performance.

Features of the Active Trim-Free:

  • Adapts to the shape of any foot.
  • Weighs less than 1.5oz.
  • Shock absorbing foam contains air channels to improve comfort and air flow.
  • Butterfly control bar aligns the foot and helps control pronation.
  • Durable anti-microbial top cover helps control odor.

Use shoe size to determine correct sizing for the insole. Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent, then air dry.

UPC: 733313034867, MPN: 10172 = Men's 5.0-6.5 - Women's 6.0-7.0

UPC: 733313034874, MPN: 10173 = Men's 7.0-8.5 - Women's 8.0-9.5

UPC: 733313034881, MPN: 10174 = Men's 9.0-10.5 - Women's 10.0-11.5

UPC: 733313034898, MPN: 10175 = Men's 11.0-12.5 - Women's 12.0-13.5

UPC: 733313034904, MPN: 10176 = Men's 13.0-14.0 - Women's 14.0-15.0