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Epilock Tennis Elbow Splint

Epilock Tennis Elbow Splint
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Epilock Tennis Elbow Splint
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Item Number: EPI-LOCK
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Epi-Lock Tennis Elbow Supports' unique dual strap configuration provides exceptional support for tennis elbow. The Non-stretch distal and proximal straps focus binding where muscle groups surface. The spacer bar keeps proper distancing consistent and the "scoot Guard" keeps the brace in place.
The non-elastic straps are worn comfortably snug. When muscular force is applied, the extensors automatically enlarge causing the straps to tighten. Because the straps are relatively narrow, they focus the binding force for maximum effectiveness. As the extensors relax, the straps return to their comfortably snug condition.
Epi-Lock is light in weight, won’t slip, and completely washable.

Sized by circumference of largest part of forearm aproximately 1 inch below the elbow

Small/Medium for forearms 7 inches to 12 inches
Large/XLarge for forearms 12 inches to 15 inches

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