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Mueller Kinesiology Tape - 20-Strip Roll
Mueller Kinesiology Tape - 20-Strip Roll

Mueller Kinesiology Tape - 20-Strip Roll

Item Number: MUE-KSTRPS
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Mueller Kinesiology Tape - 20-Strip Roll

The Mueller Kinesiology tape is designed to provide relief to sore or tired muscles and joints. The Kinesiology tape is designed with a unique wave pattern that moves with your skin and will not hinder the user's normal range of motion. The tape is also intended to reduce swelling and edema. The Mueller tape can be applied in over 1,200 different ways for each users unique taping needs!

Kinesiology Tape Features :

  • Helps support muscles and joints that are weak, sore or tired.
  • May help treat swelling and edema.
  • Unique wave pattern adhesive lifts the skin and promotes healthy circulation.
  • The tape will not hinder the users normal range of motion.
  • Latex free.

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