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StretchRite Controlled Stretching Enhancement
StretchRite Controlled Stretching Enhancement

StretchRite Controlled Stretching Enhancement

Item Number: MEDI-STRETR
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StretchRite SKU: #27-SR00010

Works especially well for Hamstring and Calf tightness.

Get total body relief for sore, tight muscles while you improve flexibility and range of motion with the ergonomically-designed StretchRite.

This easy-to-use exerciser provides a controlled stretch to help improve your flexibility. The Stretch-RiteŽ system features a non-elastic strap with ergonomically designed handles for stretching and conditioning muscles, ligaments and tendons in your arms, shoulders, torso and legs. As you become more flexible, advance your stretch by simply moving your hold to the next handgrip position (farther away from your body). This design encourages progress by giving you immediate visual feedback.

Specially-designed stretches help relieve heel spur pain and plantar fasciitis. Includes a color foldout poster with 20 stretches and guidelines.

One Year Warranty

Provides stretching and relief for:

* Plantar faciitis * Heel spurs * Lower back pain * Hamstrings * Ankles * Inner thighs * Calves * Quadriceps * Chest and shoulder pain and rehab * Knee pain * Inflexibility * Arthritis * Osteoporosis