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Toe Aid 3 Pack
Toe Aid 3 Pack

Toe Aid 3 Pack

Item Number: TA-4PK
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  • Description
Toe-Aid is a sterile, bacteriostatic, absorbent hydrogel dressing attached to a unique "T" shaped border adhesive of our Sta-Fix Tape.

Helps prevent MRSA!

The Elasto-Gel pad has been shown to prevent and control the formation of slough, debris, necrotic tissue and eschar at the wound site. This high glycerine pad will not dry out and will not stick to or dissolve into the wound. The pad absorbs excess exudate and helps preserve and maintain a clean, moist, infection-free wound bed.

When used as a post-operative dressing after toenail removal, Toe-Aid helps reduce the frequency of dressing changes, negates daily soaks, nearly eliminates pain and helps assure a positive clinical outcome. The water resistant border adhesive helps assure a secure placement.


Toe-Aid may be used to manage small toe/foot/ankle wounds, wounds resulting from toenail removal and to help reduce fungus growth under the nail. Elasto-Gel dressings have been reported to be especially effective for diabetic foot wounds.


The Toe-Aid gel pad utilizes a high concentration of glycerine (65%) as a water soluble humectant in a mixture of water and polymer matrix. Toe-Aid is presented as a hydrogel because of its ability to absorb large quantities of aqueous fluids. Its protective and cushioning properties are superior to other Hydrogels and hydrocolloids, and due to its high percentage of glycerine, it exhibits additional desirable properties, such as bacteriostatic action which is absent in other hydrogel dressings. The superior results reported for diabetic wounds has been attributed to the bacteriostatic/fungistatic properties of Elasto-gel.

Possible Reimbursement Insurance Codes

DR8350 & DR8450: HCPC Code A6245 - Hydrogel dressing, wound cover, pad size 16sq. in. or less, with any adhesive border, each dressing.